Saturday, October 10, 2009

It was insane.

I'm only writing to apologize quickly to my international readership for skipping a post on this thrilling blog. If my adventures are the sole thing sustaining you, it must have been quite difficult to pull through the past ten days. Thanks for enduring.

I am literally typing this on my way out the door- in one hour I'm starting my 18-day trek through southern Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay! I might not be able to post more entries until I get back at the end of the month, but you never know...

The Friday before last Brazil won the bid for the 2016 Olympics, and there was a party on Copacabana Beach with one million guests. It was insane. On Sunday I went to the last Flamengo-Fluminense game at Maracanã Stadium until the World Cup 2014 renovations are completed. There were 82,566 fans in attendance, a record public for this season. Adriano scored two amazing goals. It was insane. This past week I had two papers and two midterms for Thursday, plus an article for my Globalpost internship. And it poured every single day. It was insane. I felt like I was back in Cambridge again. I wish I could celebrate the completion of each round of midterms up there with a three-week excursion. Then they wouldn't be so bad, huh?

Ok familia, I'm off!

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