Thursday, July 2, 2009

And heeere we go!!!

Summer was really lovely here in sunny California, but I'm all set to fly directly into winter in Rio de Janeiro. Fortunately for me, winters in the Marvelous City aren't usually as rough as those in Cambridge. I've been checking the temperatures, and they're hovering at a tolerable 82 degrees during the day, 71 at night. I've packed all my winter clothes- shorts and tank tops- and plan to buy my spring and summer outfit after I arrive (zunga?).

In other news, last week I took my placement exam for the university in Rio. It was kinda hard, but I felt I did pretty well. Yesterday I received my scores and was thrilled to discover that I placed in the fifth level out of five! I guess that means I can take the most advanced Portuguese class over there, and that I have complete freedom in choosing my other academic courses. Very nice. I also pre-registered for my classes: Portuguese V, Brazilian Culture, Sociology of Daily Life, Cultural Anthropology, and Digital Photography. Can you tell I'm a humanities guy? Pre-registration is totally tentative (I hope?), so I'll be able to think over my decisions in the coming weeks before the semester starts.

So this is it- my next post will come straight outta Rio! Fear not, I'll still write in English. Excitement levels are at an all-time high, in case that didn't come across in my previous posts. I'M GOING TO BRAZIL TOMORROW!!!!!!! AAAUGHGHGHGH!!!!!! :-D

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