Thursday, June 4, 2009

Q: So why a blog?

A: Because I can. Because I like to write, and because I'm about to embark on a roller coaster journey that deserves to be documented and imparted. In one month exactly, I'll be celebrating my American independence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Six months later I'll be headed to Bologna, Italy, to study at the oldest university in the world. I understand the magnitude and rarity of these opportunities, so I'm doing what I can to provide vicarious international adventure to those of you who aren't on the road. 

I envision this as a virtual travelogue, updated roughly once per week with pictures and stories. I'm gonna do my best to steer away from mushy emotional posts- I have journals for that- and instead focus on newfound wisdom, cultural insight, and reader enjoyment. After much personal deliberation, I decided to name this blog "Lost and Found" because it has a nice ring to it. Oh, and because I intend to lose and find myself time and again this next year. I look forward to open reinvention and refinement, to figurative anthropophagy, wherein I appropriate my favorite aspects of each culture and reshape myself as a global citizen. Yeah. Let's Go™!

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